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Sell Any House Is In Need Of Outside Sales Representatives

Sell Any House is a leading innovator in providing simple, stress-free, and fast house selling process for many homeowners anywhere in Dallas, Houston, NYC, and L.A. With the growing number of areas to cover and property owners to serve, Sell Any House is in need of an Outside Sales Representative to help establish better client relationship and encourage repeat business.

Primary Responsibilities
An Outside Sales Rep is responsible for surveying areas of interest, gather information to help build potential client list, discuss company offers to clients, educate potential client about the process, encourage new clients to use the company service, and promote and preserve the company image.

Administrative Responsibilities
An Outside Sales Rep (OSP) drafts and finalizes the contracts for clients, oversees the overall transaction to ensure satisfactory experience for the client. The OSP is also responsible to resolve any problem the client may encounter and provide after sales care.

Work Environment
Outside Sales Reps works both in the office and on the field. They set up appointments after clients make initial contact, and meet with clients on the appointed date, time, and place.

Employment Benefits
This is a full time position. Average salary for a sales representative and commission for every sale are included in the employee benefits. More on benefits will be discussed upon hire.

About the Company
Sell Any House is a team of real estate investors working together to help property owners who are struggling with an unwanted house or a property that they no longer need. The company offers realistic solutions and practical methods to make home selling a smooth and convenient experience.

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Dealing With Disability | The Best Ways To Handle Disability

Get a handful of tips from our most recent blog discussing when to sell your house while dealing with disability. Take a peek at this PDF to get a general idea of the blog content.


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Sell My House Due To Bad Neighborhood

The blog we recently put up will serve as guide when you’re in a bad neighborhood. Here’s a PDF presentation of the blog details.

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Effective Preventive Measures | Avoiding Extensive Repairs

Similar to keeping your car well oiled and constantly cleaned up, house maintenance needs devotion, perseverance, and a thick pocket. As your home lives through different seasons, structural damage comes like a burglar at night.

 When was the last time you invested a hundred bucks or more on repair services for your house? Some homeowners would rather leave their residences due to the fact that the restoration bill is too much. Either opting for the typical approach of selling a house or with the help of a real estate investor, the house needs to go.

 Whether to sell my house fast Houston TX or invest on extensive repairs, check out these preventive measures that you do yourself.

 The Perfect Preventive Maintenance

 By doing these easy, cost-free maintenance practices you could prevent the inconvenience of spending needlessly. The best practices listed below does not cover everything, but will certainly provide a great start.

 Avoid Costly Roof Replacement

 A loosened nail or screw or a little tear on your roofing system can just cost you a couple of hundred bucks for a repairman to fix. But this only works if the problem is spotted right away.

 Specialists claim that a regular American house, over time, invests at the very least 1 percent of the property’s overall worth every year on repair and maintenance. This is why checking roofing system every 6 months is advised. By doing so you could instantly find little issues and stop it from becoming worse and lead to extensive repairs. You wouldn’t want to end up deciding to sell your house fast Houston.

Avoid Sewage Backflow

 Sewer pipes could get clogged by tree roots, garbage lump, or mud. And when the pipelines break due to pressure, it could trigger flooding or sewage backflow, flooding your house with dirty water.

 Besides the danger and health risks a clogged sewer could present, the repair service work price could accumulate several thousands, a price you’d rather save up, it might tempt you to ‘sell my house Houston”. This isn’t really extra modification existing lazily in your back pocket.

 Avoid Structural Damage

 Among one of the most devastating kind of life form are termites. When a solitary termite gets within the inner surfaces of your house, the entire swarm could start crawling in too. No one wants to discover a house full of termites.

 The most effective way to prevent this is to be attentive of the indications of a termite infestation. These are:

 1. Bending timber

2. Inflamed ceilings and flooring

3. Termite dung

4. Noticeable labyrinths within wall surfaces

5. A scent much like mold and mildew

 Avoid In-House Flooding

 Water could start flooding inside the house if pipelines begin to leak or break unexpectedly. Heaters are long lasting and trustworthy equipment to make llife comfortable. Without regular checkup done annually or bi-annually, system issues can be detected right away.

 Severe heating system repair expense has costs approximately $4,000 accordance with disastersafety.org. Find out more how you can save on extensive repairs from our website on SellAnyHouse.com. Become a successful seller today!

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How Strong Is Your Home Structure When An Earthquake Hits?

How Strong Is Your Home Structure

How Strong Is Your Home Structure When An Earthquake Hits?

The ground beneath us has been moving since the beginning of time. Earth itself is a living planet, its inner core shifting from left to right, up and down, causing tremors to the surface ground. These movements, whether light or vigorous, create minimal to destructive effects on houses, buildings, and any other type of structure standing upright.

Houston we buy housesFrom a government earthquake report posted in March 2016, a total of 21 earthquakes in Texas were recorded in 2015. This is a comparably small figure to Oklahoma’s 888 ground movements in the same year, or to a whopping 1575 quake recordings in Alaska. Houston, Texas may not be as prone to this natural phenomenon as the other states with higher numbers, but it doesn’t mean everyone can relax.

News across the globe about earthquakes ranging from magnitude 6 to 8 has resulted to several deaths due to buildings collapsing, roads caving in, and sudden sinkholes appearing. Unfortunately, no machine or gadget has been able to predict the coming of an earthquake. The question now is how can you remain safe in your own home?

The Strength Of The Housing Structure

Some families, as a precautionary measure, would choose to sell my house Houston to relocate in a community with lesser quake movements and fewer natural disaster occurrences. While this is a good way to keep your family safe, it may be relatively impractical. Experts on structural issues would recommend strengthening the conditions of a house or building.

In Houston, we buy houses from families with difficult building issues. In as much as possible, we provide solutions and practical advice on the most common housing problems to homeowners who still wish to keep the property. Below is a checklist for an earthquake resistant house.

#1 Who built or designed the house? – Was it designed by a licensed architect? Was it built by a licensed builder?

#2 How old is the house? – The more recently the structure has been built, the better the chances more natural disaster precautions and updated best practices have been utilized in the planning and building… especially in earthquake-prone regions.

#3 Was the property damaged by previous earthquakes or other natural acts? – Has it been properly repaired? Has it been treated for structural issues?

#4 What is the condition of the property? – Are walls and foundations straight or curved and bulging? Has it been remodeled, expanded or extended?

#5 What is the foundation made of? – Were stones used or reinforced concrete?

#6 What about the house’s overall condition? – Do you have a fairly new house, newly renovated, twenty years or older, or has undergone several repair jobs?

If your answers to the questions in the checklist are leaning to the positive side, then your property should withstand minimal shaking of the ground. You can also consult a structural engineer to conduct a thorough inspection and provide expert input on improving the building structure of your house, fix existing structural issues or prevent a structural collapse.

Know That You Have An Option

Every family is allowed to settle in a neighborhood that can offer safety and comfort. If the news on any recent earthquakes and other disastrous occurrences near you has you concerned, or you are dealing with any kind of financial crisis you have the right to sell my house Houston any time.

SellAnyHouse.com will help you with speeding up the process of selling your property. Our process often gets completed in as little as 5 days without charging any closing fees. Therefore, you can rest well and avoid stress while you look for a new place to live. We make it simple, hassle-free, and fast.

We are a click away if you need assistance!

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How Not To Go Broke In Your Golden Years

Houston we buy houses

How Not To Go Broke In Your Golden Years | Houston We Buy Houses

Cash, funds, resources, green backs – however you call it, money is the answer to everything. It is the key to anything, to every material thing that has ever existed in this planet. But like all things that come to an end, money isn’t unlimited like water in the ocean.

There is a limit to how much one can spend in a day, throughout the week, in a year, or over the course of one’s lifetime. This limit depends on the amount of cashflow an individual is earning or saving for current and future use. What happens then when one man’s needs exceed the money he has earned?

Houston we buy housesStatistics show that men are more likely to shop on Black Friday than women, with men spending an average of 3% more. Statistically, age also factors into holiday spending with those in the 50 to 65 year bracket spending nearly 75% more than those aged 18 to 25,” says Janet Fowler in an Investopedia post.

The statistics actually make sense considering that older people are more financially established and have savings that could support them throughout their retirement age. In Houston, we buy houses from homeowners who are about to move to smaller houses in preparation for their retirement. Now let’s talk about how not to go broke during these prime years.

How To Plan For Your Future Wisely

Don’t Dress To Impress

Having a new pair of shoes or a new tie or the latest style of overcoat to show off how successful you are isn’t really necessary. Being fashionable is not a sin, but overspending to the point of maximizing your credit card to sustain your fashion sense just isn’t practical.

The same principle applies to every little thing you purchase for the sake of showing off. If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. If you have no use for it, sell it. You’re hitting two birds with one stone – decluttering while earning extra cash.

Learn To Say No

If a colleague invites you to join them for a gathering this Friday at a restaurant famous for its good food and pricey menu, learn to say no. When the only spare money you have is for bills due in a week, learn to say no. When your next paycheck is just enough to get you by until the next payday, with only a few hundred dollars to spare for pampering and small indulgences, say no to bigger expenditures.

If you can’t curtail overspending, you’ll get behind on payments, bills would pile up, and you might end up in huge debt.

Diversify Your Investments

Like most working professionals, taking an interest in investing is a way to multiply the amount of resources that you currently have. Instead of putting all your money in one place, break it down and invest in several markets and sectors. This way, if the market or business fails, you do not lose all your money.

There are more ways not to get behind on your payments and obligations, and stay clear of getting buried under huge debt. Educate yourself about these practical ways you can ensure you meet your budget now, and still have money growing for your future, so you wouldn’t end up contacting a company as a last resort to settle your debts.

Our team of professionals at SellAnyHouse.com has been in the real estate market for more than 10 years. We buy houses Houston and have helped people get out from under overwhelming unpaid bills and enormous debt. We offer a free consultation to anyone who is struggling with impending issues due to mismanaged finances. If you wish to talk to one of our real estate consultants for an expert advice, contact us right away!

You may find our simple and fast processing relatively helpful when facing a financial crisis. In Houston, we buy houses to promote positivity and financial relief.

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