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Pre-Foreclosure | What Can It Do For The Owner And Potential Buyers

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Pre-foreclosure | What Can It Do For The Owner And Potential Buyers

Home buyers are attracted to homes in pre-foreclosure because their selling value is often substantially lower than their market value. Aside from the fact that a buyer can buy the home at a discounted price, there is often little to no competition compared to multiple offers for other types of properties on the market.

Those properties are usually hot and crowd the popular listing sites. And because of lowered or discounted price, most buyers, especially those without experience, will choose cheaper mainstream houses without proper probing or thorough research. But before you get all excited to run out and snap up some great discounted properties, you need to know… the pre-foreclosure process isn’t as simple sounding as it is being advertised.

Why Houses Undergo Pre-Foreclosure

When a homeowner gets behind on several mortgage payments, the lender has the right to start the foreclosure process. It is not necessary for a foreclosure notice to be filed in public record, however, the notice of default will become a public record. Even with a default notice, the owner still has the option to make mortgage payments until such time that the payment becomes current.

However, if the homeowner remains in default without making any effort to bring the past due amount current, eventually the property will be foreclosed upon, and they get evicted. The house will be repossessed by the bank and will become a Real Estate Owned (REO) property.

Bank-owned houses offer great deals to home buyers because most banks want to sell repossessed properties right away. They’ve already spent so much on the foreclosure process, selling these properties as soon as possible will help them get back some of their investment, and do away with the hassle of maintaining the house.

Pre-Foreclosure vs. Short Sale

Houston sell my house fastIt”s a common misconception to say that pre-foreclosure is the same as a short sale. Although both include selling a home, there is a vast difference between these two.

Pre-foreclosure means an owner is greater than 90 days late on payments and lender has started the foreclosure process with a notice of trustee sale. While in a default status, an owner often isn’t ready to sell and move,” says Kevin Sucher, a realtor at Prudential Northwest Properties in Portland, OR.

While Cathy Baumbusch, a realtor at Re/Max Allegiance explains that, “Short sales are listed by a broker. In a short sale, the seller may wait months to receive an answer from the bank, and the bank may end up saying no, but will likely get the opportunity to have an inspection.” Find the professional explanation here.

When the lender or bank agrees to sell the house for a lower price, taking a loss, the property can be listed for sale right away. However, not all sellers are behind on payments. Some would choose to sell their home fast in Houston to relocate or move into a new place more suitable to their lifestyle. So, not all short sales fall under pre-foreclosure. At SellAnyHouse, we cater to homeowners in need of a fast sale, especially those who do not want to lose their homes due to several missed payments.

How Should Buyers Choose

Now that we’ve laid out the clear difference between the two, buyers have the option to choose which type of house could give them a better discount with lesser risks.

Both foreclosures and short sales present home buyers with a unique opportunity. Not only are these properties often sold at a discount, but the buying process can be more streamlined since the owner or lender wants a quick resolution.

However, just as with any other home, it’s important for buyers to make sure their investment is worth it. This means having the property inspected by a professional home inspector, especially since the majority of foreclosed properties are sold “as is.”

For individuals looking to speed up the home buying process even further, property auctions provide a great way to purchase foreclosed and short sale properties in a very short time frame. Not only do auctions offer the certainty of a target sale date, they also provide a level of transparency and straightforwardness that can be missing in other forms of home buying.

On the other hand, there is a growing alternative method in the real estate market that doesn’t require hiring and paying for a realtor., a home buying company, has been servicing the Houston community for years, offering a practical and speedy solution to anyone who wishes to get away from a sticky situation.

We buy houses in Houston, TX in exchange for a fair cash offer. Learn more about us today and don’t miss the opportunity in Houston to sell my house fast!

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Calmly Handle Bad Tenants With These Professional Tips

Despite a rigorous screening process, problem tenants can pass through without being detected. Regardless of just how great of a proprietor you are, how simple as well as clear is your interaction with tenants, misunderstandings can happen.

For landlords, needing to manage a bad tenant may not end well. The majority of occupants are great leasers, but a property owner will come across a problem tenant once in a while. A lot of home buyers in Houston have come across sellers who are tired of dealing with a difficult renter.

How To Deal With A Problem Tenant

The major purpose of a property owner is to get paid for the monthly rental. If payments dont come in on time, the landlord must communicate with the leaser right away. Or else one may end up with a Houston sell my house fast ad. Heres a how to handle bad tenants.

Delayed Payments or Unpaid Rents

The renters might fail to submit payments, some are unintentional. For low-income occupants, sometimes the cashflow could come brief or even worse, suffer from job loss. Joblessness might just aggravate the no-payment issue.

Devise payment options to give your leaser a chance to pay off their rent in a means that can meet. A scheduled once a week deposit may be good.

Neighborhood Conflict

A stringent screening process could conserve you the problem in dealing with trouble leasers, but future arguments with a next-door neighbor could not be prevented. Some of their activities could affect the owners of the surrounding residences or apartment or condos once they move in.

Encourage the renters to resolve the matter themselves. A diplomatic approach always bring in positive results. Or else one of them will have to leave if the conflict escalates. Learn more interesting ideas from our recent blogs on managing different housing problems.

Getting Past the Screening Process

As part of the screening process, credit scores will be examined. This is an excellent method to weed out renters with reduced credit report rating, but low credit rating does not always imply the applicant will certainly create issues. There are much better methods to make sure that you accept good tenants.

Make a background check, carry out credit score checks, and also carry out a proper initial interview.

If you continuously encounter problematic tenants, what can you do? Are you fed off with dealing with a lot of trouble occupants you simply intend to sell the property and proceed with your life?

Well, if all of it decreases to giving up the estate, is the best company for you. In Houston, we buy houses from property owners and homeowners across the city in exchange for a fair cash offer.

The transaction is easy as well as fast and completed in as little as 5 days. There are no hidden fees or closing charges, will certainly aid settle your negative renter problems.

Dealing With Bankruptcy, Need To Sell Property

Have you heard of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code?

Are you having a headache just understanding the legal terms and procedures of either chapter?

Are you unwilling to lose your house without giving it a fight?

No homeowner wishes to be trapped in a bankruptcy process, just as no one wants to lose all their hard earned home.

Did you know that Sell Any House is your ideal partner in effectively avoiding a bankruptcy case? Sell Any House is a leading home-buying company that has proven its promise to help owners get out of a sticky situation.

We have been helping homeowners facing bankruptcy cases and those who are about to file one, avoid this route all together by allowing Sell Any House to buy their house.

We pay attention to your situation, we provide a tested solution. We promise to not just buy the house from you, we buy it with your best interest in mind plus a fair cash offer, guaranteed!

Contact us anytime for inquiries and concerns. Sell Any House isnt just a home-buying company. We care, we deliver!

Visit us at https://www.sellanyhouse.comfor more information.

Retiring To Travel or Move On | Sell My House Fast!!

Are you struggling to save up for your own retirement as it draws near?

fraid that you may have to give up your current lifestyle because your savings wouldnt be able to support all your wants and needs when your retire?

Are you planning to sell your house and downsize when it is time to leave the corporate world?

Fear not! Sell Any House will help you achieve your retirement goals through simple yet reliable house selling process. You are guaranteed of a fair cash offer in as little as five days.

Sell Any House is dedicated to helping homeowners get out of a home without regrets, only a sense of relief and satisfaction. This is all made possible through the aid of experts in real estate business which has the heart to genuinely help out.

Make the right choice now and let Sell Any House provide real solution to saving effectively for your retirement needs. Its free. Its easy. Talk to you soon!

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